Message from Mr. Cundiff, Jr/Sr High Principal

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Welcome to Chaffee Junior/Senior High School!
Home of the Red Devils!

Dear Parents, Students, and Community,

There are many wonderful opportunities at Chaffee Jr/Sr High School for you to explore. Our strong academic programs, extracurricular programs, community atmosphere, and outstanding student body are examples of positive aspects of CHS. Chaffee Jr/Sr High School is committed to providing students a rigorous, well-rounded education. It is an education that prepares students for college, work, vocational training, and the 21st century. Please share in this pride and join the efforts to make this year the best ever.


Mr. John Cundiff's Picture on Principal's Message Page

Mr. John Cundiff
Chaffee Jr./Sr. High School Principal
517 West Yoakum
Chaffee, Missouri 63740
Phone: 573-887-3226
Fax: 573-887-4819

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